Don’t Rodney King Me

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Join Na’im Al-Amin in experiencing mass incarcerations impact on black histories and black futures. Guaranteed Box Office Value!


What impact does mass incarceration have on black histories and black futures?

Na’im crafted Don’t Rodney King Me to help eliminate ignorance and elevate knowledge on mass incarceration’s impact on Black Histories and Black Futures.

Don’t Rodney King Me is an excerpt out of Returning Citizen: From Debtor to Owner. A memoir of mass incarcerations impact on Na’im’s life. Don’t Rodney King Me provides a segue into Na’im’s story, vision and entreprenurial journey. Release date: Fall 2021

Following a short video about how Rodney King’s beating affected his future and the elements that allowed for over 30 years of mass incarceration to impact his life. Na’im will open space for you to ask the questions that matter.

Questions that are difficult to ask anywhere else. Like questions about blackness, drugs, gangs, poverty, and crime. About policing incentives, For profit-prison, and do black codes still exist? and whats up with the 13th amendment? Is there a black future with me in it?

Join this online workshop, and elevate your status towards the route to growth. Besides you won’t be disappointed Don’t Rodney King Me is Box Office Value!

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