Looking Behind The Mirror

Friday 12 November 2021

Join this talk from international human rights activist, scholar and educator, Natasha March, and explore one of the biggest issues facing the pursuit of equality in western society; the failure to see things from someone else’s point of view.


The talk will touch on parts of Natasha’s PhD research, including: decolonising ethnographic research, generational trauma, colonial trauma, the effects of British colonisation and western supremacy, racism, critical race theories, place and animism and nissiology, while also confronting the question of whether it’s wishful thinking or ignorance when people say that they don’t feel that western societies have a race problem.

The talk will be 30min long with a 15min Q&A

Who is Natasha March?

Throughout her career, Natasha has supported oppressed groups and set up multiple initiatives to help refugees, indigenous communities and others. As a result, she has encountered racial discrimination in multiple forms.

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Citizens Advice – Bath & North East Somerset

Creating a fairer and more equitable society is at the core of what Citizens Advice does, which makes overcoming discrimination a key aspect of our work.

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