Racial Equity & Social Impact

Tue, June 16, 2020 12:00 AM – 1:30 AM

The experience has been designed to feel like a graduate program seminar course. It will combine lecture, group discussion, and individual reading and growth exercises.

Class begins June 15th 2020. Classes will be held Mon & Wed evenings 7pm EST

Level 1 will be an introduction to systemic racism. This is an opportunity to build a racial analysis that can be applied to several areas of life. Once you have a strong racial analysis undergirded by sound ontology you will have the building blocks to understand yourself as a racialied person, the racial identity of others and how those racial identities interact with the world around us.

Our goal is to Unpack racism through critical analysis and identity exploration, which will be the foundation of creating sustainable social impact in the area of racial equity.

Level 2 will focus on specific areas of study and learning to apply racial analysis to the most relevant areas of our lives. Below are a list of potential areas of study or “tracks” that can be taken during level 2 of the course

  • Clinical: Racially Responsive Psychotherapy. For psychotherapists
  • Executive: Racial Equity in the Workplace. For Managers, HR, Executives
  • Community: Recognizing Bias in Self and Community. For the person wanting to learn more about self, family, and communit.
  • Education: Liberated Pedagogy and the Equitable classroom. For teachers, professsors, school administrators.

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