World in Westminster x Black History Year present: Caribbean Cooking

Thursday 17th March

Join BHY Steering Group and Rosamund Grant for a culinary feast of culture through our Caribbean Cooking event, on 17th March 2022


Rosamund Grant is a published cookery writer / consultant, Caribbean food expert, former restaurant owner. She is also a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist; for well over 30 years has worked as a Clinical Consultant delivering therapeutic services to children and families in Children’s Social Care and also delivering training in Race, Culture and Diversity to various institutions.

Rosamund has authored several books on Caribbean and African cooking, e.g. Taste of Africa (1999) and Taste of the Caribbean (2001) and was one of the ‘Hot Chefs’ on the BBC TV Series.

An excerpt from Rosamund’s first book, Caribbean & African Cookery – Foreword by Maya Angelou, who wrote –

“When Rosamund Grant invites us to join her Caribbean feasts, we can almost hear reggae, sitar and Spanish music in the background. Here at her table are the influences of Africa, India, Spain, France and Portugal. We are offered painless lessons in healthful eating and are asked only to bring open minds and expectant palates. I like this kind of writing and I like this kind of invitation. I accept”. M.A.

In 2001, Rosamund’s oral history was recorded as part of the British Library’s National Life Stories Collection; Food: From Source to Salespoint’. Currently and during Lockdown, she has been volunteering in her local community, producing weekly hot meals for charities and food banks.

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