My Voice Was Heard But It Was Ignored

Thursday15th - Friday 16th September

A gripping tussle of power and an urgent interrogation of racial identity, written by emerging playwright Nana-Kofi Kufuor and directed by Dermot Daly.


15-year-old Reece is roughly accosted by the police outside M&S. His young, Black teacher Gillian witnesses it all – but she doesn’t question or intervene in the disturbing scene that plays out.

As the gravel embosses Reece’s face and the policeman’s knee digs into his back, his teacher stands frozen, with fears for her own safety engulfing her mind.

The consequences of her lack of action erupt the following day. Gillian finds herself locked in a classroom with her angry student. With no clear intent, Reece refuses to relinquish the key.

The events that unfold will change both their lives forever.

Age guidance: 14+

Contains very strong language, including racial references and references to violence.

Red Ladder Theatre Company will be touring with ‘The Difference Engine’ withthe production – a tool that allows D/deaf audiences to read performance captions on devices
such as a phone or iPad. You can find out more information here.