Jally Kebba Susso Trio

Saturday 23rd September, 7:00pm

Jally Kebba Susso Trio
Gambian kora player JALLY KEBBA SUSSO is expanding the boundaries of kora traditions while keeping its heart and soul intact. Blending traditional West African music with upbeat funk and jazz into a new nuanced and rooted sound in a contemporary world. Precision, speed and a merciless energy characterise his performance style making him a solid crowd-puller.

The kora is the traditional harp of the griot of West Africa and Jally Kebba was born and raised into 74 generations of this Gambian musical heritage. But he is not your ordinary griot. Forging a new trajectory of sound for the West African harp, Jally Kebba skilfully blends the traditional repertoire into his own heady jazz concoction that is immediately accessible and uplifting and yet filled with nuances and intoxicating rhythmical layers that give the music depth and intrigue.

Raised in a household of musicians, Jally Kebba was exposed to incredible musicianship from a very early age and under the guidance of his father Bully Suso, a very well-respected kora player and his elder brothers by 13 he was touring internationally across Europe.

Expect an electric stage show. With ease and confidence, this band connects. Precision, speed and a merciless energy characterise their performance style making them solid crowd-pullers at festivals such as Wilderness, Shambala and Secret Garden Party.

Jally Kebba will be joined by the talented Matteo Grassi and Mamadou Sarr on bass and percussion. If you enjoy afrobeat and funk, and need a good dance session, you’ll find yourself in good company – to experience the kora as you’ve never seen it before.

Tonight with his trio they make a night of captivating, uplifting traditional Gambian kora music, jazz, rock, blues and Afro-funk and they play from his two CDs – Banjul-London (2017) and Malaye Warr (2012)

‘Not your usual kora player and not your usual griot.’ Rhythm Passport

With Matteo Grassi (double bass) and Mamadou Sarr (percussion)