Let’s Talk About It: A Safe Space To Talk About Black Vulnerability

Wednesday 11th May

Defining, exploring the need for, and finding ways to create safe spaces for black vulnerability within the home and wider community


According to the ONS, one in six adults experienced some form of depression in 2021. Within the BAME community, black women are more likely to experience a common mental illness such as anxiety disorder or depression, while black men are more likely to experience psychosis, and 4 more times likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

Be/Come Immersive (a Community Interest Company dedicated to changing the brand of Africa and its descendants from the inside out) provided a safe space for the online black community to share and support each other through weekly talks during the pandemic. At the root of many of the topics that came up, was vulnerability. The ‘Let’s Talk About it’ workshop aims to dig deeper as to why.

The Project

We will invite 15-20 people from the community to share their stories in a safe environment, and follow up with them a few months later to see if/how putting into practice what they learned has impacted their lived experience.

The Objectives

  • Qualitative research with a small focus group on black vulnerability in/after a pandemic
  • Opportunity to offer tools and coping mechanisms to a live group to try
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and impact on quality of life a month later after using tools
  • Share the learning points that worked with the wider community for their own healing