Acre After Acre, Mile After Mile: Isle Of Dogs Walk and Film Screening

Sunday 21 January

Acre After Acre, Mile After Mile is a guided social history walk and film screening to investigate the short film history of the Isle of Dogs.


In BAFTA-award winning documentary A Portrait of Queenie (1963), we see the area as it was going through major changes, the decline of the docks evident but community spirit still in full swing.

In the 90s, British filmmakers Andrew Kotting, Derek Jarman, Alison Murray, Simon Faithfull and Matthew McGuchan use the desolation of the abandoned docklands as inspiration, the surreal derelict landscapes as a backdrop.

The screening will be preceded by a social history walk led by tour guide and cinema expert Nigel Smith ( and will be followed by a Q&A with some of those involved in the films that are screened.

The Space bar will be open for refreshments between the end of the walk and the start of the screening.