Celebrating Black History Month at NatWest

Monday 23th October

Under this year’s theme of Celebrating Our Sisters, we’ll be highlighting the crucial role that black women have played in inspiring change


NatWest is committed to championing potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive. We have always been supporters of Ethnic Minority businesses and communities and will continue to build strong relationships and contribute to positive change wherever we can

We’re proud of the results we’re achieving which are reflected across the bank, for instance 34% of our March 2023 Accelerator cohort being from Ethnic Minority backgrounds – surpassing our goal of 20%. We have also developed partnerships with stakeholders such as Black Seed as well as contributing to thought leadership through supporting Aston’s University’s Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month where we’ll be hearing inspiring stories from black women in business to highlight the crucial role that black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities

Attendees are encouraged to dress in Cultural Wear or any other way they’d like to express their heritage and culture