Giving Back to the Community & Sport

“We don’t always get what we want in life, I know that not all athletes are going to end up like Ronaldo or Messi, even if they do not, it is my greatest wish to see them excel in life in other areas too.”

The Orah Sports Academy existence is to empower and bring about a positive mindset change in the talented young boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling them to attain better lives through sports.


From the soccer fields of Southeastern Africa to the British Army, LCpl Massah’s journey has been anything but ordinary. As a proud representative of Malawi in national and international games, she has collected numerous accolades along the way and had dreams of a life of professional sports, but fate had other plans. Following a short stint in an unfulfilling Engineering career, she stumbled upon an Army application, with its unique blend of technical skills and athletic opportunities catching her attention. Initially seeking to join the Royal Engineers, she soon found herself swayed towards a career in the Royal Logistic Corps as a Chef. She is proud of her newly acquired culinary skills and is able to deploy anywhere in the World to “feed the Army.”

LCpl Massah has represented the Army Women’s Football Team on multiple occasions, a personal highlight being against Wolverhampton Wanderers, a Tier 3 team in the FA Football Pyramid. She harbours ambition to transfer to the Adjutant General Corps in the future to develop skills such as administration and accounting that will benefit her future career aspirations, having found a sense of purpose intertwining her love for sports and commitment to Service. “The Army has given me an opportunity to Network, be part of great teams, and learn skills that I can use anywhere.”

In January 2020, LCpl Massah established The Orah Sports Academy (T’OSA) to empower talented children through the provision of sport, spirituality and soft skills training. “Not being able to play professionally made me realise there is a lot of notable talent in my country that goes untapped and unnoticed.” The Academy offers Football, Volleyball and Table Tennis to its young athletes.

With high ambition, although constrained by resource, the Academy is funded through generous voluntary contributions and LCpl Massah’s personal salary sacrifice. With a growing team of volunteers and coaches it has also been supported by generous donations, with UK based teams like Richmond Town FC and Catterick Garrison FC both supplying kit and equipment.

The impact of the charity in the district of Mchinji, Malawi has been vast. It has brought so much positive impact and joy to the community especially to parents as their children are engaged in extracurricular activities after school and during their free time. This has reduced the community fear of crime, drug abuse, suicide and early pregnancies.

Athletes have improved in their academic performance as they are provided with private tutorials. Additionally, parents testify of improved behaviour of their children at home, which prompts them to encourage other parents to have their children join the Academy. “The transformation in the community brings me so much fulfilment as I see lives improve for the better.”

T’OSA is cemented on values that LCpl Massah learnt from the Army, discipline, respect, selfless commitment, and integrity.

Athletes are educated about the importance of task completion and the benefits of being true to oneself and teammates by doing the right thing even when no one is looking, and of course putting the needs of others before yours.

Several of the Academy’s athletes now harbour an ambition to join the British Army someday. “Life’s twists and turns have led me to the Army Football and Charity, and I couldn’t be more honoured to give back to my community.”



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