Black History Month Poem for 2016 – Captivity by Gita Jaggan 

Gita Jaggen is a poet and songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago her writing background came from her Dad Jaggan Pandohie who was a singer and songwriter a descendent of the indentured  labourers who worked in the Sugar Plantation after  the freedom of slavery.  Gita is inspired by the Black History of Trinidad and Tobago.

A cry for mercy
Whispers if fear
Those were the voices
Of the yester year

He had just left
The breast of his mama
To play with his friends
Down by the river and
There, he was captured

A shackled of chains was then
Bound to his figure
And he was sold for a very little price
To the highest bidder
He became a slave forever

My heart goes out
For this true story retold
They were captured, beaten
And then they were sold
A story told by his for father
About the great loss of his human empire