Business guru Tim Campbell and Wellness influencer Vanessa Boachie share their mental health tips for Every Mind Matters

Business guru Tim Campbell and Wellness influencer Vanessa Boachie share their mood boosting tips in a new video out today for Every Mind Matters mental health campaign. The government campaign champions the little things we can all do to look after our mental wellbeing to help us lead happier, healthier lives and cope with life’s challenges.


Tim and Vanessa joined the campaign after a government survey revealed last month that the mental health of Black adults in England has been especially knocked back by the pandemic. Those affected were also more likely to feel lonely and demotivated to work than the wider public.

Top executive at trading business OSTC Tim Campbell, says: “This past year and a half has been tough on all of us, but there are little things we can all do to take care of our mental health. Having a training plan was my way to cope during lockdown. I went on daily runs and lifted weights in my garden. I could see myself getting better. In an unpredictable world, this gave me back a sense of control.”

At the heart of the campaign is the free, NHS-approved Mind Plan. By answering five simple questions online, you can generate a personalised mental health plan with practical tips to help you destress, sleep better and feel more in control. So far, over 3.4 million Mind Plans have been created. Simply search ‘Every Mind Matters’ to create a plan tailored to your lifestyle.

Therapist and Founder of mental health not-for-profit Inside Out Vanessa Boachie, says: “I know what it’s like when the world gets you down, but I’ve also learned there are ways to fight back. Being present in the moment and doing breathing exercises helps me feel less overwhelmed by everything that’s going on right now. You just need to find the thing that works for you.”

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr T Ayodele Ajayi who also features in the video added: “Depending on how you answer the questions, the Mind Plan might advise you to do a workout, cut down on alcohol, or try meditation. The website also features helpful videos and organisations to contact if you need further help.”


Other famous faces – including Mercury prize winner Arlo Parks, singer and actor Kelle Bryan, and TV presenter Jay Blades – are supporting the campaign. To find out more, visit