The Black Bull

Monday, 25 July 2016 at 20:30 - Tuesday, 26 July 2016 at 02:00

Join us for a very rare, one of a kind experience in our exclusive location, only avaialble to Lost Ghost Nights!

We are the only team with access to this haunted pub which has a history on site going back to the 16th century. This exclusive location will not dissappoint and is bound to send a shiver down the spine.


The Black Bull Hauntings are varied and have been reported for decades. The pub has a long history going back to a coaching house in the 16th century. In September 1792 it became the seat of the Lodge of the Three Graces Haworth 408 and the freemasons met here until July 1806 before moving to Lodge Street. The original masonic seat used by Branwell Bronte still resides on the staircase of the Black Bull along with the spirit of the man himself.

In the main bar, a man in beige has been seen sat at a table near the fireplace. People have reported seeing people through the windows only for them to dissappear. Shadowy figures have been reported moving through the mist of the graveyard only to dissappear. The disemodied voice of a female is heard crying in the corner of the carpark next to the graveyard. Shadow figures are often seen moving around out the corner of peoples eyes. A male has been sighted near the fireplace in a top hat who is believed to be a previous landlord from the mid 1800’s named Dan Sugden. Mist have been seen and cigar smoke is often around although the pub is no smoking. Glasses have flown off the bar and various lights move and the bell over the fireplace often rings in the dead of night. Guests who have stayed in the rooms of the pub have woken to see a dark figure stood at the end of the bed. A maid was murdered in room 3 and she is often seen and objects in the room are moved. Several guest have left early due to the events they encountered in the guest rooms.


The Black Bull in Haworth can trace its history back to a 16th centrury coaching inn. The current pub is situated next to the Anglican Church of Haworth. It is famous the world over as the home of the Bronte’s.

In 1820, Patrick Bronte was appointed as the incumbent for Haworth and moved there with his wife, Maria and their six children. They moved into the Parsonage behind the current church and graveyard. Their mother Maria passed away not long after in 1821. Sadly, within 4 years two of the children would also be dead, both dying in the Parsonage in Haworth. Maria died in May 1825 aged 11 and her sister Elizabeth only a month later in June aged 10.

The remaining sisters along with their brother Branwell spent the next few years at the Parsonage. It was during this time that such classic novels as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and the Tennant of Wildfell Hall were penned. Their brother, although brilliant, didn’t share the same success as his sisters and tried and failed to hold down several jobs. He attended the Royal Acadamey in London but this came to nothing as did several of his other later ventures. These included being a portrait painter, a clerk at Sowerby Bridge railway station and a tutor. However, he was proposed as a freemason and joined the Lodge of the Three Graces Haworth 408 in February 1836 and became secretary in 1837 till 1842. In despair of his lack of success he turned to alcohol and opium and spent his days drinking in the Black Bull only popping out to the Apothecary over the road to aqquire opium. He became increasingly unwell and died of tuberculosis in September 1848 aged 31. It was apparent by this time to Charlotte that her sisters were also ill with tuberculosis and Emily died only 3 months later in December 1841 aged 30. Charlotte decided to take Anne to Scarborough, one of her favourite places to see out her last days and Anne passed away there in May 1849 aged 29. Charlotte turned to her writing to help with the greif and eventually found love and married the Reverend Arthur Bell Nicholls in June 1854 in the Church in Haworth. Sadly, the happiness was short lived as Charlotte died during the early stages of pregnancy in March 1855 aged 39. This left no direct descendants to the Bronte’s in Haworth. The father, Patrick Bronte lived in the Parsonage until his death in June 1861 aged 84.

All of the Bronte’s, with the exception of Anne are buried in the family plot in the graveyard in Haworth.

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