Bath Phil & Jeneba Kanneh-Mason

Tuesday 14th February 2023

A concert for Valentine’s Night to fall in love with, featuring some of the most passionate music ever written for orchestra including Verdi’s Overture to The Force of Destiny (Stella Artois advert), Masacagni’s beautiful Intermezzo (featured in the films Raging Bull and The Godfather III) and the Prelude and Leibstod from Wagner’s opera Tristan and Isolde (Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet).


Discover the seldom played but nevertheless stunningly romantic Serenade from the Swedish nineteenth century composer Elfrida Andree, and the gentle and tender Lyric by American composer George Walker.

Rachmaninov’s iconic 2nd Piano Concerto, played by the astonishing Jeneba Kanneh Mason, was made famous as the soundtrack to David Lean’s film Brief Encounter and evokes longing and loss both on an intimate and orchestral scale.

A perfect date night to spend with lovers, with friends or just with the music.