Sundy 30th April 2017 - 4pm – 8pm

In May 2016 Derry-Londonderry welcomed 11 Syrian Refugee families from Syria who have since made Derry-Londonderry their home! However, there are refugees who made Derry-Londonderry their home in the recent years. To celebrate and show our appreciation to everyone who played a key role to welcome and support refugees and to celebrate Derry-Londonderry as a multicultural place, we are organising an intercultural and communication celebration event showcasing some of the diversity that exists in Derry-Londonderry.

The event will feature the following;
• Syrian traditional Music and Dance
• A mash up of Irish, Syrian and African Dance
• Traditional Musical Instrument and drums focusing on Japanese and African drums
• A taste of the World; Intercultural foods programme; learning how to cook meals enjoyed by different cultures with a focus to Syrian, Chinese and Congolese foods
• Ulster Scots Music
• Intercultural fashion and design
• A mash up of Indian and Syrian dance

Entry: £3 per person, £5 per family