Nicholas Rankin: Trapped in History – Kenya, Mau Mau And Me

Sunday 3 December

Nick Rankin talks about his new history & memoir of being a child in colonial Kenya, African nationalism & end of empire. Q&As. Refreshments. Author’s Talk, audience Q&As & refreshments in a unique setting on a Sunday afternoon


A child comes of age against the violent background of Kenya’s struggle for independence.

Trapped in History tells how the British colonised Kenya and how African nationalism arose under Jomo Kenyatta. It describes the terrifying first attacks by the guerrilla freedom fighters known as Mau Mau. 

Though defeated, the Mau Mau hastened the end of British rule in Kenya. Trapped in History explores the effect the uprising on the author, who grew up as a child in colonial Kenya. The book is both a history, as well as a memoir, of the end of Empire.