Family Ties – The Adamah Papers

until 1 september 2018

Family Ties exhibition is an intimate presentation of a British-Ghanaian family’s rich heritage and traditions that have been delicately preserved. Follow the Adamah family’s personal journey to rediscover their kingship and regality in Ghana and to preserve their family traditions here in Britain.

Togbui Adamah II was a paramount Ewe Fia of Some in south eastern Ghana and BCA’s newly acquired collection reveals an incredibly detailed snapshot of everyday life in Ghana during the early 1900s to the 1950s. More than that, the stories reveal what life was like under colonial rule as far back as 1858 in the voices of the people.

This is quite possibly the first time the Ewe culture has been presented in this way, outside of traditional cultural realms, and reveals artefacts that detail just how colonialism worked and the impact it had on the people in the colonised regions. This eagerly-anticipated exhibition will prove how one family’s history can tell a global story. This story, of an everyday Black family in Britain, could be any of our stories. BCA’s mission is to help discover these hidden treasures and weave them into the national conversation.

Free admission.

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