The Black Men’s Consortium’s International Men’s “Open Day” Event

Sunday 26 November

Black & Brown men live in a complex, interconnected and emergent world where we have to change HOW WE DO THINGS, not just what we do, in order to truly co-create meaningful innovation and catalyse positive social change against a backdrop of inequality and injustice.


At the BMC we have noticed that, unwittingly, the conventional structures that are use to organise, plan, and collaborate (lectures, open discussion, round robin updates, brainstorms etc) stifle inclusion and flatten complexity. Whether you are involved in manhood development work or not, you might have regularly experienced some of the following realities that block most people’s ability to work together creatively and productively:

  • Rigid organisations expressing a desire for change but little movement
  • Power and hierarchy getting in the way of freedom and responsibility
  • Exclusion, mistrust and disengaged people
  • Unproductive and boring meetings or sessions
  • Difficult conversations routinely avoided

At this event, we will practice the mindsets, processes, and skills that we have used to create and develop the BLACK MEN’S CONSORTIUMS projects and programmes since we started back in 2018.

If you would like to see us in action then why come along to our event on 23rd November where we will performing a legislative theatre event for the GLA (Mayor) tackling environment health inequalities and climate change within the Black community. Details here: