Kehinde Andrews & Afua Hirsch: The Psychosis of Whiteness

Wednesday 13th September

Kehinde Andrews discusses his latest book The Psychosis of Whiteness with Afua Hirsch


Kehinde Andrews continues the work he began in The New Age of Empire with The Psychosis of Whiteness (Allen Lane), a wry and piercing guide to retaining sanity in a racist world, which Ron Ramdin has described as ‘a remarkable and enriching work which shines a light on many dark places’.

He’ll be discussing the book with journalist and writer Afua Hirsch, whose own Decolonising My Body is forthcoming from Square Peg in October.

Join us for Apéro Hour before the event. The Cake Shop will be open from 5.30 p.m. for pre-booked drinks and snacks. Select your Apéro add-on from the ticket drop down.

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