London Premiere of ‘Exposed’: Racism and the Pandemic documentary + Q&A

Saturday 25th June

Grass-roots approach to understand the experiences of Black and Asian healthcare staff during the pandemic and push for change.


‘Racism like a virus spreads and causes significant harm.’

Nursing Narratives: Racism and the Pandemic (an AHRC/UKRI Rapid Response to Covid-19 research project)

This is the London premier of Exposed a documentary about the experiences of racism of nurses and mid-wives before, during and after the pandemic.

Come and be part of the discussions to call for systemic change. Meet and hear some of the nurses and midwives who told their stories and take part in the Q&A session. The nurses and midwives have collaborated to produce a Manifesto for Change which they will present on the day.

Event Information:

The Nursing Narratives research team:

Principle Investigator – Professor Anandi Ramamurthy, Sheffield Hallam University

Co-Investigators – Dr Sadiq Bhanbhro, Sheffield Hallam University and Dr Faye Bruce, Manchester Metropolitan University

Filmmaker – Ken Fero, Migrant Media

Research Associate – Freya Collier-Sewell, Sheffield Hallam University

This event is funded by Sheffield Hallam University. Spaces are limited so please let us know early if you register and later are unable to attend.

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