Our portrait exhibition to celebrate diversity of all women – now open at City Hall, London

Monday 20 February 2017 at 8:00am to Friday 10 March 2017 at 5:00pm

We are excited to announce that our portrait exhibition of our ‘Same But Different’ project is now open at City Hall, London. It runs from today until Friday 10 March, including International Women’s Day (8 March), and is free to attend.

Same But Different is a creative project from Business in the Community’s gender equality campaign, in collaboration with photographer Leonora Saunders, which celebrates and shines a light on the diversity of women in our workplaces. In the UK, imagery and language about women in work tend to focus on the experience of just a few – typically, white women working in corporate roles. The reality is that women are not one homogenous group. Women do not all share the same experiences and challenges. They do not all have the same perceptions, simply because they are women.

Through Same But Different we are using imagery and narrative to challenge the ways in which working women are portrayed, and creating a platform for women to tell their stories – in particular those women whose voices are often least heard.

There are two parts to Same But Different; the public exhibition at London’s City Hall and the digital project, which features 20 portraits and accompanying stories as well as platform for women to share their own stories about their identity, intersectionality and what it really means to be a woman who works. We are asking women to share their stories throughout 2017.

Through this project we want to bring to life the concept of intersectionality for employers. This is a way of understanding the intersection where different parts of our identity meet and how this can result in different, unique experiences – both good and bad.

The project is made possible with headline sponsorship from Bupa and supporting sponsorship from Shell.

For more information: samedifferent.org.uk@BITCSameDiff #SameButDifferent

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