Balimaya Project

Saturday 26th March

Balimaya Project

Of course you’re going to be blown away by the Balimaya Project… How could a 16-member-rich band not sound like dynamite?


But that’s not the (only) reason why we love them. The larger-than-life London-based collective has plenty of other qualities, just like their far-reaching music.

Led by percussionist Yahael Camara Onono and counting on musicians from Kokoroko and SEED Ensemble, Balimaya Project is a all-star band bringing forward a pan-African cultural mission.

In their music, they present, blend and rework West, Central and African diasporic influences. They do that in their very own way, starting from each band member’s roots and background, from Senegal to Jamaica and Ethiopia to Cuba, and adding up jazzy and soulful arrangements.

Their performances are a hard-to-forget uplifting music journey, produced in a cohesive and hearty fashion. There’s arguably no better way to celebrate Black History Month than experiencing a Balimaya Project show to re-discover African music in its most London shape.