History of The Gunpowder Plot in an Explosive Experience Event

Thu, 5 November 2020 16:00 – 18:00 GMT

Due to demand we have added an after school lesson

“Remember remember the 5th of November” is how the rhyme goes. However back in 1605, Guy Fawkes sat in an Undercroft in London alone with just a penny for his thoughts waiting to light a match and bring the house down.

100 miles away in a pub in Coventry 3 members of the same gang are preparing to go hunting (or are they?). 8 miles away a Princess is blissfully unaware she’s about to become an orphan.

Join us this Bonfire Night at The historic Old Grammar School In Coventry for a history lesson that you won’t forget. Headmaster ‘Whacker’ Dugdale and our History Teachers Mr Catesby & Mr Fawkes will take you through a history lesson with explosive consequences including Baked Potatoes & Bangers for dinner.

The main gang involved in The Gunpowder Plot were waiting just outside Coventry whilst three of them were drinking within half a mile of the Old Grammar School.

This history lesson is LIVE with our acting teachers taking you through what happened, what was supposed to happen and what could possibly go wrong. We will examine maps, newspaper clippings and decipher treacherous letters.

Step back in time at The Old Grammar School as we transform it into Ye Olde Black Bull Inn, enjoy a glass of Gunpowder Gin, or a flagoon of Abbotts Ale from the bar as we explore, discover and learn the Plan, how they lost the Plot and what it meant for Coventry afterwards.

It’s The Gunpowder Plot but not as you know it. It’s The Coventry Gunpowder Plot.

The good news is, to keep everyone safe all tables are spaced well apart from each other. Our venue has a full Covid-19 safety approval, we have hand sanitizers and house rules dictate on attendees wearing masks until sat down at tables, (especially the Guy Fawkes ones you can buy from Jokers Corner on Far Gosford Street).We believe Bishops Street Car Park is free after 6pm

The downside of all this is we only have 5 Tables available for the afternoon lessons and they’re going quick.So if you are interested in this explosive history lesson with hilarious consequences in this immersive historic building BOOK NOW