The Belgrade Theatre presents Red Snapper

Sat 5th - 19th March

By Liz Mytton, directed by Justine Themen

Jamaica, 1962. The island is alive with the excitement of independence and the thrill of providing the setting for the iconic James Bond movie, Dr. No.

But for five women and their husbands on the council, this is a time of mixed fortunes and uncertainty, as personal and political tensions simmer against a backdrop of mass emigration and unrest.

With local people increasingly excluded from the beaches, so as not to ruin the view for the growing tourist trade, a planned visit from nearby Cuba’s communist leader, Fidel Castro, has the islanders in a spin.Will the high profile visitor bring further prestige and glamour, or will his presence incite the island’s downtrodden fishing community to rise up?

As the pressure builds, family secrets and long-held resentments bubble to the surface – and when the councillors’ wives meet to plan a welcome meal for Castro, it’s not just the cooking pots that are in danger of boiling over.

With an all-female cast, including BAFTA and Golden Globe nominee Cathy Tyson, playing a collection of vibrant characters, and dialogue loaded with humour and pathos, Red Snapper is the stunning debut play by Liz Mytton. It will also be the first full production to come from the Belgrade Theatre’s acclaimed playwriting project, Critical Mass.

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