The Selecter

Saturday 11th November

The Selecter is led by their iconic frontwoman Pauline Black and co-fronted by original member Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson.


They are now re-united with original drummer Charley ‘Aitch’ Bainbridge who is back in the 2022 line-up. Pauline is one of very few women in the 2-Tone scene – often referred to as “the Queen of Ska” she was awarded an OBE in the in the 2022 New Year Honours.

It’s as if, over 40 years later, the world has finally caught up with The Selecter. The album’s subject matter remains entirely prescient as the world continues to struggle with gun crime, racism, sexism and the increasing march of nationalism & war. People didn’t like the bleak message we delivered back then, they wanted more of the ska inflected sound of ‘Too Much Pressure’.

After a difficult reception, the album was largely forgotten. But there were those among our fans in the wider world, who secretly came to admire the album, and over the ensuing years, world events and our attitudes to them have markedly changed, and today the album accurately reflects the troubled world we live in. This album is the one that got away from the 2-Tone label. Perhaps leaving the label was not our best decision, but making the album surely was.

I’ve always considered Celebrate The Bullet a classic & with its new release and supporting tour, I hope you’ll share my opinion.”