Gospel and African Music

Sunday 1th May

Learn how to get the most out of your voice with a fabulous professional vocal coach


Fran André is a bringer of musical song joy through teaching the heartful song medicine of the African diaspora. She loves the deep community connection that arises through singing songs of West and South Africa particularly, and the African-American spirituals and gospel songs, all of which have their own unique sacredness.

She leads the Soul of the City Gospel Choir in Exeter, which focuses on singing gospel, soul, funk, South and West African and Motown. This choir helps raise awareness of the need to fully honour black music through joyfully alive and fully embodied heartful performances. She has also recently received funding from the National Lottery Awards for All grants, to run a series of harmony singing days to teach black history and foster enquiry into our colonial history along with singing music of the African diaspora.

In a singing day with Fran you can expect to share in the pure joy and magic of songs of South and West African origin, and the African-American spirituals and gospel songs. Also included will be a healthy sprinkling of getting into our rhythmic funky selves through the polyphonic songs of Zap Mama from the Congo. These are workshops for body, heart, voice and spirit!