Alternative Futures seminar with Dr Iyke Ikegwuonu

Friday 27th May

Alternative Futures: with Dr Iyke Ikegwuonu


The Adam Smith Business School is delighted to host our Alternative Futures seminar with guest speaker Dr Iyke Ikegwuonu discussing ‘Reimagining: innovation partnerships in Africa’

AbstractThe pilot 5GO Academy is a virtual and physical technology campus and began in March 2022. It aims to create a network of next generation digital hubs that will enable a pipeline of world-class graduate programmers, web developers, application engineers and technology entrepreneurs. Participants take part in a 24 months’ long programme that includes digital skills training, project-based work placement and completion of a master’s degree in international business, entrepreneurship, finTech, and data analytics that will prepare them to start up a new technology venture.

Five years ago, Africa had no unicorn start-up. Fast-track to today, the continent boasts 8 start-ups worth over $1 billion. While this is a small number compared to the global figures (1,068 unicorn companies), it’s significant for a continent with none about a few years ago. Meanwhile, the World Bank has projected Africa to be on course to add $180 billion or 5.2% of aggregate GDP by 2025. Driving this growth is a combination of factors: including increased access to faster and better-quality Internet connectivity, a vibrant start-up ecosystem, and Africa’s commitment to creating the world’s largest single market, under the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Growing Africa at the projected level will require significantly growing the internet economy—which includes everything from banks and finTech to agritech, e-health, and venture capital. This also requires growing the developer talent that builds the products and engines on which an internet economy runs. Yet, Africa is not producing enough developer talents to meet its current demand.

There are currently 10 million students in 1,500 public and private universities and colleges across Africa that offer graduate programmes. Majority of these students do not find jobs five years after graduation. There is, therefore, a mismatch between the skills higher education institutions teach and the job skill demand outside of academia. 5GO Tech Academy begins to address these gaps.

The Africa Technology Partnership is collaboration between academics from ASBS UofG, Scottish consortium 5GO Ventures and select preeminent universities in Africa to facilitate the development of skills required to build industries, companies, products and services, within the emerging Africa Innovation Corridor.


Iyke Ikegwuonu, is Lecturer in International Business and Management here at the Adam Smith Business School (ASBS), where he teaches management and international business at the undergraduate level; market analysis, new venture creation, business planning, and quantitative research methods at the postgraduate level. Iyke has recently been appointed director on the board of 5GO Ventures Ltd, where he brings vast experience in new venture creation and global partnership development. Iyke’s research interests are in international business, technology entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial networks, start-ups, and team-based learning (TBL).