The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style – Black History Month Special

Thursday 27th October

Premier screening of ‘The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style’ documentary followed by live Q&A.


Cultural Fashion & Arts (CFA) are proud to present an evening of live and engaging discussion around the history of Caribbean traditional clothing and its modern day relevance and importance. Join us as we premier the screening of ‘The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style’ documentary and discuss the past, present and future of Caribbean traditional clothing with a live audience and panel members.


In ‘The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style’, Jennifer Laurent-Smart expands on her ‘Cultural Style Week’ campaign video and provides further insight into the story behind her Caribbean cultural identity and how she expresses it through fashion. Featuring archive footage and additional interviewees, the documentary will also explore the origin of Creole Caribbean traditional Madras clothing, its links to India, Africa, slavery and its use today.

Q&A Panel Discussion

Is Caribbean Madras clothing a great way to celebrate and preserve Caribbean culture, or is it rooted in a tainted history that needs to be left in the past? Why haven’t the Caribbean diaspora embraced their cultural clothing in a similar vein to Asians and Africans?

The Q&A panel will include subject-relevant panel members including Cultural Style Week participant and Caribbean Cultural lead, Jennifer Laurent-Smart.

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