Keynote speech: Rosemary Campbell-Stephens

Monday 9th May

Hackney’ Children and Education Anti-Racist Praxis Conference: Rosemary Campbell-Stephens – Historical trauma


Rosemary speaks, writes and delivers leadership development programmes for clients across the globe. She aims to situate the Global Majority at the heart of the conversation rather than ‘other’ them as minorities.By centring equity and social justice and decentralising patriarchal, colonial, linear, top-down leadership models that are unsustainable irrelevant, unethical and presently imploding, she goes beyond discussions about representation to reframing leadership purpose from an anti-racist Global Majority perspective.

She developed a leadership preparation programme focusing on increasing the numbers of Black and Asian leaders in London Schools, for the Institute of Education, University College London. Investing in diversity became the catalyst for all subsequent leadership programmes addressing the under-representation of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic leaders in England’s schools’ sector.

Rosemary frames her work through a critical race lens and describes herself as an anti-racist, humanist and womanist andwas awarded an MBE for thirty-five years’ service to education in the United Kingdom.

Rosemary is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Education, University College London.


Followed by interactive Q&A (3-4pm)

Colleagues are invited to join Networking at the venue from 1pm. Speech to be introduced at 1:30pm by Diane Benjamin and Jacquie Burke

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