My Mummy Breastfeeds – Book Launch with Author Ruth Dennison

Sunday 10 October 2021

“My Mummy Breastfeeds” is based on a true story incorporated with simple breastfeeding educational information and tips.


Come down to East London, to meet, greet and get to know more about Ruth Dennison as an Author.

You will have an opportunity to have your book signed on the day and take pictures with Ruth.

Not only are we celebrating the launch of “My Mummy Breastfeeds”, we will also be making history for Black History Month 2021, with the first children’s book promoting breastfeeding, with a Black Rastafarian family as characters.

Ruth Dennison was born and raised in the UK, East London by her Jamaican / Rastafarian parents, with her 4 siblings. She is a Doula, Breastfeeding Specialist and the Founder of Black Breastfeeding Week UK. She also is the Founder of 1-2-1 Doula & Breastfeeding Support Ltd, and Founder of Breaking Breastfeeding Barriers UK.

Ruth is the face for promoting breastfeeding in the Black UK Community, which has the highest infant mortality rate, which could be reduced 50% through breastfeeding.

Ruth created “My Mummy Breastfeeds”, with hope that this will be part of her mission helping to normalising extended breastfeeding for Black African and Caribbean families.

Ruth is also raising funds so that she can provide a copy of “My Mummy Breastfeeds” to Libraries, Primary Schools, Nurseries / Children’s Centres and Children’s Hospitals throughout London. You will have the opportunity to donate funds on the day.

Collectively we can make a change!

What are you waiting for?….. get your ticket today.

If unable to make to physically make it to the event, you can purchase your book via Ruth’s website s shop or Amazon.