How Black people won World War 2

Tue 23 October 2018 18:00 – 20:30

Above: Ethopian guerilla fighters in WW2 and audience for previous event at Imperial War Museum 2013. Below: Jamaican RAF WW2 veterans pose with cast of Red Tails at the London premiere in 2012.

This event is sponsored by the Pillion trust

A detailed and extensive look at the African, Caribbean and Asian war effort with video clips and interviews with Black Spitfire & bomber pilots, Nigerian and Somali troops fighting in Burma, Black and Asian women secret agents, U-boats in the Caribbean and the importance of Africa and India’s raw materials

We present a comprehensive overview of the African/Caribbean presence, contribution and importance. Despite being on the British school curriculum many people have no idea that black people played any part in either war

Thank you so much for coming into our school on Friday. Your talk was really inspiring and so valuable to our students. It was great to see them so engaged’. Rebecca Howard, Canons High School, Queensbury