Building Brilliance: Black Britain and the West London Story

Monday 9th October

Come and celebrate Black History Month 2023 at North Kensington Library with author Diego Ife.


Diego Ifé is a passionate and avid writer. Through his lifelong pursuit of understanding Black identities and the Black experience in the diaspora, he has developed a strong desire to contribute to the topic.Diego is inspired by influencing thoughts and opinions on Blackness — historically, presently and what the future my hold for the diaspora.

In his book Ethnic Escapism and the Black Burden he covers the following: The diaspora’s origins — including kidnapping and warfare that led to the Transatlantic Slave Trade; life on the plantation and the creation of creole cultures; Slave Rebellions sand Outcomes; Abolition Movements; Return to Africa Movements; Pan-Africanism; 20th Century race politics; the deep relationship between Popular Culture and Black identities; and ultimately what the future holds for the diaspora.

Come join us for this exciting talk.