Tutankhamun’s Hidden History

Sun, 1 March 2020 13:30 – 17:30

Discover Tutankhamun as you never knew him before! Experience the real history around ancient African kings and queens in a dynamic storyboard exhibition, three interactive presentations, film clips and spectacular Egyptian inspired jewellery.
Learn how the history of Africa has been distorted by mainstream historians who have overlooked and, in many cases, ignored the true origins of the Pharaohs and the people of the Nile.

We present 4 hours of facts, figures, documents and images on Tutankhamun’s ancient African history; from Pharaoh’s mentioned in the bible, the secrets of the afterlife in architecture, African study of the stars and the real Stargate to the cosmos.

European historical distortion is challenged with the facts. Historians and archaeology, give unquestionable evidence presented visually to give greater insight into the treasures of the Pharaohs and how modern-day superheroes have their roots in Nile valley civilisations. If you are in awe of the influence of ancient Egypt, then you deserve to hear the true story…

4 hours, 3 speakers, 2 books, 1 movie . This is
the story and literature you don’t want to miss !
With the release of Spirit of the Pharaoh, a new book, graphic novel, and forthcoming movie about a London-based, ancient Egyptian inspired superhero, this event is an entertaining way to learn factual Black history and understand how Hollywood and popular culture has mis-represented ancient Egypt.
Storyboards from the film.

Limited edition Spirit of the Pharoah books/T shirts, merchandise on sale

Signed copies of When We Ruled available. Spirit of the Pharoah characters

About the speakers :

Robin Walker: Headteacher, historian and author of the 700 page book on ancient Africa ‘When we Ruled’ .(Reccomended by author,and Hip Hop star Akala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6CDD7uHj5Y ) Mr Walker will share his four decades of research into Tutankhamun’s background, the spectacular technology of Sudan/Egypt, ancient Black civilisations and how African gods/godesses were re-classified as Greek and Roman by the falsification of history.
Terry Jervis: A pioneer in media and one of the Executive Producers on the BBC/ Millenium broadcast with over 2.5 billion viewers. His media career began in news and current affairs and documentaries leading to music, sport, fashion, drama and entertainment across film, TV, radio and publishing. Some notable companies he has worked with are BBC, Marvel, LEGO, Shell, Motown, Def Jam, Warner’s, Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force and Buckingham Palace. He has used real ancient African history to create Spirit of the Pharaoh

He has used real ancient African history to create Spirit of the Pharoah https://spiritofthepharaoh.com/ a new superhero graphic novel, animated series and movie set in London. He will showcase art, design, jewellery and storyboards from the upcoming movie.

Tony Warner is the author of Black History Walks in London and part of Jacaranda’s Twenty in 2020 initiative https://www.standard.co.uk/futurelondon/culturecity/london-library-black-british-writers-jacaranda-book-s-initiative-twenty-in-2020-a4194111.htmle . He will illustrate the thousands of year of African history in London’s streets and architecture and link it to popular culture in the form of blockbuster movies, tv shows and cartoons