Abu-Zayd DeGale, is a refugee from Sudan. This poetic work sees him tell his story – demystifying the myths around refugees and confronting his own demons along the way.

He works as a nightclub doorman in Newcastle to support his family. He’s had enough of verbal abuse, racism and the threat of violence at his workplace.

Living in Limbo shows how art can get you into trouble but also save your life. A funny and moving personal story that also reflects on the urgency of the present situation in Sudan and explores the key
themes of identity, belonging and control.


Writer & Performer: Abu-Zayd DeGale
Director: Paul James,
Dramaturge: Gez Casey
Music: Abu-Zayd degale, Ebo Krdum, Ghandi Adam
Spoken-word: Abu-Zayd DeGale, Potent Whisper (Georgie)
Videography: Stephen Watson