Manchester: Uncomfortable Art, Uncomfortable History

Sun 12 August 2018 12:00 – 14:00

Colonialists beware! Imperialists beware! Slave traders beware! We’re coming for you.

Now is the time to reform the visible history of Manchester by attacking the icons of the guilty men (and women). All around a city created by slave traders, colonialists, imperialists, warmongers, murderers, racists, plunderers.

Yes, even this city’s history was shaped by those on the wrong side of right – and they’re still being honoured, with too many statues, paintings and streets named after the bad guys. we might not be able to remove them overnight but we can raise awareness with tis unique and original tour on which Ed Glinert names the guilty men (and women):
• The Duke of Wellington, reactionary bigot who opposed the people having the vote. So he beat off Napoleon? Vive la revolution!
• Queen Victoria – vehemently against women having the vote. Wouldn’t elevate a “Jew” to the House of Lords.
• The Mosleys: they owned Manchester for 250 years and gave us Mosley Street but also Oswald Mosley, the 1930s fascist leader and his lovely son, Max Mosley, who was so welcoming to “coloured immigrants”.
• Charles, 9th Lord Cathcart, ADC to “Butcher” Cumberland at the Battle of Culloden.
• Queen Elizabeth (Tudor): murderer, slayer of Mary, Queen of Scots.
• The Gregs established Quarry Bank Mill – on the backs of the slaves in their sugar plantations on Dominica.
• William Gladstone enjoyed a lavish lifestyle on the back of slavery. Backed the wrong side in the American Civil War.