Teakisi Woman Talk – 2021

Saturday 16 October 2021

A Black History Month session focusing on African women and the community.


Teakisi is happy to announce the third annual Teakisi Woman Talk conference. This event takes place in October, which is also Black History Month. The annual Teakisi Woman Talk allows black women, plus the general public to have a conversation on topics that really matter to us – however uncomfortable they may be.

Theme: Community and Connectivity: Bridging The Digital Divide

The Coronavirus pandemic has more than ever shown us that technology plays a vital role in providing some sense of normality for many. Microsoft Teams has become the place for office banter (and serious work discussions), Zoom has replaced the Friday night pub trip, and Deliveroo brings restaurants straight to our doors.

For most people, access to this technology is taken for granted – with fast Wi-Fi and a working laptop with access to fast internet as important as running water. But for many families in the African and minoretised communities, these now necessities are not as readily available to them, which has made the last 12 months particularly difficult.

In the UK, the likelihood of a household having access to the internet is directly related to its income. A recent study from the ONS finds that only 51% of households earning between £6000-10,000 had home internet access compared with 99% of households with an income of over £40,001.

So, unless digital exclusion is taken seriously and comprehensively dealt with, there’s a big risk that millions of the most disadvantaged families including children in this country will be woefully unprepared for an increasingly digital future.

Overall, the Teakisi Woman Talk conference is establishing itself as the key event for those interested in enhancing the capabilities & leadership opportunities for African women, Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority colleagues across all sectors. There is power in being connected to other people – especially when those people look like you.