Sade Fadipe Younger Children’s Author Event

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Younger Children’s Author Event part of Black History Month Newham


Join us for children’s author Sade Fadipe who will tell the story of Adanah from her latest book, A Fun ABC complete with a craft and colouring activity.

Join Adanah on an alphabetical adventure as she goes to visit her grandfather in Modakeke, Nigeria. Every letter, from A to Z, is featured in this African alphabet book, including C for a camera to take pictures, E for an eagle spied above the trees, P for a pump for fetching water, and S for stories told by Auntie Sumbo. Adana recalls with excitement a memorable experience at her Granddad’s village and the relaxed pace of rural life compared to the bustling city that she lives in.

Suitable for pre-school children

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