Why Afrikan / Black history is hidden from British Society

Mon 15 October 2018 19:00 – 21:00

The presentation informs the steps Europeans / White people have gone to hide and discredit Afrikan / black history including using propaganda that Afrikan / Black people are backward and inferior and thus could not have any history let alone be the bulders of civilizations and culture long before ther was a Europe!!

The presentation will also cover Afrikan / History topics like:

1. Music ( the lie of Elvis being the King of Rock and Roll)

2. Religion ( How all the world’s major religions come from the Afrikan contient)

3. Slavery ( how White people instituted the most barbaic form of chattel slavery in human history and how the blood, sweat and tears of Afrikan people built the UK and the entire western hemisphere)

4. The Royal Family ( the Afrikan connection to the Royal family)

5. Black inventoirs ( how some of the inventions we take for granted today like the PC and Lightt bulb were invented by people of Afrikan descent)

6. Windrush

7. Egypt ( with emphasis being that contrary to the lies as told by European / White and Arab historians , that Ancient Egypt is a Afrikan / Black civilization and culture)

8. The afrikan presence in the UK and around the world.

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