Black Girl Finance Fest Invest

Saturday 11 September 2021

Returning for our second and final event for 2021 -We are bringing you Black Girl Finance Fest INVEST. The last event was so much fun, and we got such great feedback that we had to do it again.


This time around the theme is investing. If you have ever wanted to invest but are not sure how to start join the event. If you already invest but want to add to your investment portfolio join the event.

Covering a range of investment topics from stocks and shares, to pensions, property, cryptocurrency and ESG, we have designed an engaging day to get you investing. At black girl finance, we speak to women every week, we know how great we are at saving, and managing finances. What we are also sharply aware of is that a lot of us want to invest but are unsure how to start. With this event we have you covered.

Details of all our speakers and further information can be found on our website:

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