CURLS TALK: Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease

Thu, April 30, 2020 6:30 PM – 9:30

About this Event

This online partayyyy is to celebrate our SELF LOVE journey TOGETHER!

The ANNODRIGHT team (and you!) will be celebrating our hair & skin All. Month. Long. April is Black Women’s History Month, but we’re also digging deep into themes of Colorism and Texturism.

We invite you to join us in weekly activities, challenges, and personal storytelling on our Instagram page (did someone say prizes?!?!) and register for our online event. This event will be a space for us to share aspects of our journeys, build community with one another, and to embrace ourselves in our truest form.

If you need a refresher on the contents of the workbook, check out the description below! If you want to get your own copy and get started on your journey, download your copy here.

Workbook Description:

Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease: A Self Love Journey Through Hair and Skin

LOVE YOURSELF MORE DEEPLY from the hair on top of your head to the color that coats your skin!

You’ve been told over and over that what you look like does not matter. That hair is just hair, and that all skin tones matter! It can be super hurtful and downright dismissive when the ones we like, love, and hold in high regard, dismiss what can often be a source of pain for us.

Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease is for you if you have ever felt “some type of way” about your hair texture or skin tone. This workbook is for you if want to love you just a little but more than you have or feel you can on your own. Even if you have reached the highest levels of self love, this workbook is designed to help you navigate the narratives we hold in our heads about our hair and skin.

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