Empathy Hour – Black History Month Special

Tuesday 12 October 2021

In celebration of Black History Month, we will be holding our first edition of Empathy Hour.


Empathy Hour is a new event about the powerful influence that films and TV have on our emotions. It is designed to help us better understand those who are different from us, by engaging and identify with characters and stories. To celebrate the great artistry of Black actors, directors and writers past and present, the first Empathy Hour will focus on films and TV shows made by them or featuring them.

How it works

Attendees share a trailer of a film or TV show either written, directed by a Black filmmaker or who have a Black main character in them, and which most evokes the time they felt empathy towards different groups and connected to them.

As we play the trailer, they tell the story of why it creates empathy for them and it’s relation to Black History Month. Each story creates another layer of empathy all evoked through the beauty of film. The one hour event, hosted on zoom is designed to celebrate the beauty of storytelling and the impact of Black stories on screen.

This 60 minute virtual session is facilitated by Aude Konan, Change Maker, Utopia and Daniele Fiandaca, Co Founder, Utopia

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