FashMash: Consumerism and colonialism with Aja Barber

Tuesday 26 October 2021

You don’t have to look far under the hood of the fashion industry to find a world tied up in injustice, inequality and oppression. You also don’t have to explore particularly hard before you find newly-published author and consultant Aja Barber expressing why this needs to change.


As one of the globe’s leading voices on the intersection of consumerism and colonialism, Aja is an expert on how what we buy is anchored in slavery and racism, not to mention a direct contributor to the climate crisis. She’s also a master on unpacking misleading claims, outright bad practices and calling bullshit on anyone not willing to recognise the need to transform, or actively distracting from that idea in the process.

Join us for an evening with this leading light as we dive deep on the intersectionality of fashion, what needs to change and exactly what’s stopping it from doing so. We’ll explore the role each of us as individual consumers can play as well as the bigger systemic issues at force. More importantly, in true Aja style, we won’t shy away from the most uncomfortable truths the industry has been built on.

With thanks to our sponsor Klaviyo.


We are requesting donations in lieu of paid tickets for this online event. On this occasion, we will be raising money for Slow Factory, a nonprofit organisation focused on advancing climate justice and social equity through regenerative design, open education, and materials innovation.

At present, we do not charge for tickets to our events. Instead, we ask our audience for donations to a charity of the speaker’s choice as a way of showing gratitude for the time and expertise they are sharing. Please give what you can. FashMash also makes a contribution to each charity every month.

Students and Young Pioneers are exempt – please email enquiries@fashmash.co.uk for your complimentary ticket.


Aja Barber is the author of the book Consumed: The need for collective change; colonialism, climate change & consumerism, and a consultant for sustainability with a special focus on intersectionality and building a fair and equitable landscape.

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