LGBTQ+ Thought Leaders: Challenging public perceptions ft. Dr Ronx

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Bringing passion, uniqueness & their incredible experience, Dr Ronx joins us to celebrate Black History Month 2021


As part of our ongoing LGBTQ+ Thought Leaders Series and Black History Month 2021 at LSBU, we are delighted to welcome special guest Dr Ronx for an insightful & thought-provoking evening to hear about their passion for everything they do!

Dr Ronx is an emergency medicine doctor, a TV presenter (you may have seen them presenting Channel 4’s investigative documentary ‘Is Covid Racist?’), advocate & activist and inspirational speaker – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They’re community focused, support many charities & organisations through fundraisers & campaigns as well as mentor young people wanting to apply to medical school. All of which is done in their unique style – both in their impressive way of communicating with the public, especially young people…

…And their actual style with Dr Ronx proudly being known for their ‘penchant for suits and Nike Air Max 95’s. The latter, whilst not seemingly as important as some of their other achievements, is part of what makes them so approachable – being able to be their true quirky self is fundamental to their work around acceptance, equality & happiness.

Dr Ronx describes themself as a a queer, black, androgynous intersectional feminist. Armed with this and along with their medical knowledge, Dr Ronx uses their voice and their platforms – whether Instagram, TV & beyond – to educate, inspire and challenge public perceptions & opinions on a wide variety of topics including: racism, LGBTQ+ & women’s rights, domestic abuse, public health and much more. Their motto “ You cannot be, what you do not see” is testament to their commitment to inspire young people to ensure their voices are heard and know their dreams are achievable. And as someone who put themself through medical school, Dr Ronx knows that their own experience & being seen can help young people believe in themselves & what they’re capable of.

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