(M)othering Professionals

Thursday 20 January 2022

An online public lecture with Jacqui Getfield


The concept and practice of Black mothering signal action and identity portraits that are unique to Black lived experiences. In this lecture, I will use idioms, personal stories, and references to music to engage with select mothering discourses and to show how Black mothering has been socially constructed along the lines of race, ability, gender, and class. Fuelled by the work of racialized scholars including Patricia Hill Collins, bell hooks, Njoki Wane, Delores Mullings and Paul Adjei, this lecture addresses anti-racism parenting, Black mothering, family, and community dynamics.

Annamma, Connor and Ferri’s DisCrit will be employed to tease out how “… racism and ableism are interconnected and normalizing processes.” And I will lean heavily on Mobley and Bailey’s Black Feminist Disability Framework to unpack the philosophical dissonance and similarities between race and disability. Tenets of Critical Race Theory and insights from DisCrit will provide the theoretical foundation to unpack Black mothering in social contexts, specifically education and health.

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