This Far by Faith: The Intersection of Af-Am Mental Health & Black Theology

Sat, Apr 18, 2020, 9:00 AM – Fri, Jul 31, 2020, 11:59

A clinical, cultural and spiritual look at the intersection of African-American Mental Health and Black Theology

About this Event

Don’t let the COVID-19 virus impede progress toward your CE hours for license renewal. This on-demand webinar opens at 9 AM on Sat., April 18 so you can view it at your convenience, adhere to social distancing, and still get 6 LPCA-GA approved CE hours.


Discuss the role of spirituality and religious coping in African-American mental health
Look at the Black Church, its history and how its many different theological perspectives affect a person’s interpretation of health, suffering and help-seeking behavior

Consider general best practices for responding to the mental health needs of African Americans
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: For centuries, the Black Church has been the pillar of African-American life. It is commonly accepted that the church was the community’s first social hall, first campaign headquarters, and the original Sunday buffet. The Black Church was also the first “counseling center” in the African-American community. And for many people, the church is still the first place to seek advise when trouble comes. In the treatment world, there is an unprecedented amount of scientific research on brain function, mental health, addictions and viable treatment options. Yet within many African-American communities, mental illness is often misunderstood, treatment is often stigmatized, addiction is often normalized, and answers are more often sought from a friend at church than from a professional counselor.

Studies show that significant disparities still exist in the availability and quality of mental health care that is received by African-Americans. The literature also shows African-Americans to be more religiously influenced than other racial groups. Counselors, pastors and community leaders must understand the importance of the African-American religious experience.

This workshop includes an overview of the Black Church, its history and its many different variations of Black Church theology. We will look at how those various theological perspectives affect a person’s interpretation of health, suffering and help-seeking behavior.

CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURS:6 CORE contact hours of continuing education have been approved by the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCA CE Approval #8787-20AW )

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