Virtual Walking Tour – Brazilian Black Rome: Black History of Bahia

15 May 2021

Brazil was the last American nation to abolish slavery on 13 May, 1888. Black History Studies in association with SK Tours presents a virtual tour titled ‘Brazilian Black Rome – Black History of Bahia’ on Saturday 15th May 2021.

On this tour we will discover the hidden history of the Brazilian state of Bahia, also known as “Black Rome.” Salvador, Bahia is a charming and important city, the first Capital of Brazil. Salvador is also the most African city in Brazil, therefore colourful, cultural and musical. UNESCO recognizes Salvador as a Creative Musical City and we do have some of the best musicians in the country. Good reasons to visit us?

The tour will cover key areas such as:

1. Slavery and First Capital of Brazil
2 The independence of Brazil in Bahia
3. Uprising of Afro-Brazilians during enslavement
4. Protective Society of the Underprivileged
5. Salvador and the Old Town (Pelourinho) today

Sayuri C Koshima is the main tour guide and founder of SK Tour Like a Sotero. Half Japanese and half Brazilian, Sayuri is a Soteropolitana, a person born in Salvador. A Lawyer with a passion for travelling who started working with tourism in 2006.

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