Black Businesses, Art and Music (BBAM) Festival

Sunday 1st October

Southampton’s first ever Black Businesses, Art and Music (BBAM) Festival will take place in the city on Sunday 1st October 2023.


Black-led organisations from across the city have come together, led by The United Voice of African Associations (TUVAA), to bring forth this vibrant celebration of city’s African, Caribbean and Black British communities.

The event aims to:

  • Create visibility and voice for local black businesses and artists.
  • Create an inclusive event that supports belonging within a diverse city
  • Allow the wider community to appreciate and learn about different black cultures and traditions
  • Celebrate the achievements of black businesses and artists
  • Promote black businesses and black talents
  • Develop a network of black businesses and artists
  • Expand the Black-Owned Business Directory set up by Our Version Media, a black-owned community media enterprise
  • Strengthen the city’s Black-Owned Business Network set up Our Version Media
  • Start a black music, DJs, dancers, artist and talent directory.