VIP Business & Cocktails

Friday 28th April, Friday 26th May, Friday 30th June, Friday 28th July - 7pm – 11pm

Do you want to network with inspirational business professionals? Or have a business that you’d like to introduce to others.

Why not attend the VIP Business and Cocktails Networking event by Smart World.

Smart World will be holding VIP -Business and Cocktails networking events.

The concept is simple:-

— RSVP via our registration portal

— Attend the networking between 7-11pm

— Order yourself a cocktail and also enjoy the buffet provided

— Be prepared to speak for 3 minutes about yourself and your business/business idea and network.

— No agenda just simply a VIP business experience limited to 15 VIP’s

Business and Cocktails networking is the newest, smartest business network, and networking with smart VIP business owners is brilliant! We will swap useful information with one another, and where necessary hand out contact details and or business cards.

Our networking events are generally held at local bars/brasseries/banks in and around the London area.

Please note the details above of the venue for the next meeting.

March 2017 is the first networking event where Marcia Brock is announced as the new host of Business and Cocktails networking events.