Tottenham African Caribbean Walk

Sunday 5th - Sunday 26th March 2017 - 11am – 1pm and 3pm-5pm

Price: £10 adult, £5 child

5th March, 12th March and 26th March

If you’ve not done a walk before or for further information on what you need to do when going on a walk visit:

In 1554 King Philip of Spain arrived in London to marry Queen Mary. His entourage included one Balthazar Sanchez, a sweetmaker, and his wife, both of whom were Moors. The King and Queen’s marriage came to an end when Queen Mary died. He went back to Spain. But what of Balthazar and his wife? Well, they decided to remain in London, setting up home in what is now Tottenham High Road. So what were his achievements? And why is his name still being mentioned in Tottenham today? Where exactly in Tottenham did he live?

Come and hear “moor” about Sanchez and his achievements in Tottenham. Avril’s Walks and Talks takes you on a fascinating tour around Tottenham looking at the area from a black perspective.

This 2 hour tour will take you from the 1550’s right up to today, showing you the area in a different light. Here are just some of the things the walk covers:

  • Wartime Britain and Black people’s contribution
  • The industrialisation of Black Hair
  • Tottenham Outrage
  • Police Relations in the area
  • Moves and Grooves, the clubs of Tottenham
  • Black Comedy in Tottenham

So get your groove on, come and learn something new.