Wilma Black History Month Community Art Display At Lea Bridge Library

Saturday 30 October - Monday 1 November 2021

Visit the newly refurbished Lea Bridge library to see our 1st ever Art Exhibition launched from 1st to 31s October, 2021.


The spirit and ethos of WIILMA is influenced and embodied by the inspirational African American athlete Wilma Rudolph (23/6/1940-12/11/1994). In 1960, Wilma overcame childhood illnesses and physical disability to become the fastest runner in the world. The first woman to win three Olympic Gold medals in a single Olympiad. She is regarded as a civil rights and women’s rights pioneer causing gender barriers to be broken down at previously all-male track and field events and is on par with Cassius Clay and later Muhammad Ali, who both became global stars with the televising of the Olympic Games. She went on to become an educator and coach before dying suddenly of cancer in 1994. We believe the determination and spirit of Wilma Rudolph is one to be celebrated and her legacy is something our creative movement is proud to be inspired by.

Throughout the year, WIILMA brings together skilled volunteers in the arts and creative industries with community members across all ages, ethnicities, abilities and backgrounds, to help grow their creative skills, interests, and build a welcoming hub for anyone who needs it.

WIILMA, is an inclusive, Diversity, Community Arts organization, reducing loneliness and isolation whilst bringing world class Arts, Music, Heritage, Culture, Fashion, TV & Film expertise from locals and creative Industries to the vibrant multicultural tapestry that is our community of East London.